Assalamua’laikum and good day everyone.

First and foremost Happy New Year 2018 to all fellow students and staff no matter where you are.

We are here today to work on the aspiration of our school, UniKL Business School and our university, Universiti Kuala Lumpur to be regarded as one the leading institutions in Malaysia despite of our brief 15 years of establishment.

Ever since then, we have produced sought after graduates by many employers because instilled not only with theory and tacit knowledge but also inculcate hands-on elements in our teaching, that is well known as High Technical Vocational Education Training (HTVET).

We have heard that our economy is recovering, however people wonder what it means for them.
For some it feels abstract, remote.
But here there’s nothing abstract about the 130 employees that remains to be the main engine of UBIS sterling performance.
We make our intention known to grow and maintain our number of students every year of more than 3,000.
That’s a vote of confidence in the workforce here.
It’s a vote of confidence in the chancellery.
It’s also a vote of confidence in the economic plan that is working for Malaysia.
This Business School is a good place to talk about that plan.

Education industry is fiercely competitive nowadays, with many university colleges in the country, even
international universities establishing their campuses in Malaysia.
A unique establishment that allows UniKL to hire the best from the industry, bringing with them the industrial expertise and network to the university – hence allowing skill and professional approaches that work comes here – here to this UniKL Business School.

What is true of this University is true of our country.
It’s because the rest of the world sees that Malaysia is a country where we’re now back in control of our destiny, a country where we’re supporting business, so that the industry can flourish, bringing growth to the nation’s economy.
It’s why getting the right plan – and holding to it – is so important.

We’ve got the right business plan now.
It’s a long term plan for turning UniKL Business School so that we can proud of.
I’ve never promised it was going to be easy.
I went out of my way to say the opposite – and be open with you about the difficult sacrifices we had to make.
And like the success of this campus, it’s been a team effort – with a lot of hard work from the founders.
Now that team effort is paying off.
The plan is working.
For the first time in a long time, there’s a real sense that UniKL Business School is on the rise.

As we start the New Year, I urge you on the harm of new complacency around at the moment.
You have heard some talks as if the hard part of the job is done – and we can go back to the bad old habits.However, be aware of those who come along this year and promise you easy answers, no more sacrifices, just more spending on this and more spending on that, all paid for by more borrowing.

For the truth is there are still plenty of new challenges out there. The market is changing and certainly more challenging to get new students as the lifestyle changes, rising cost of living; due to that many choose to work after secondary school or involve in social media business, becoming entrepreneurs is a natural choice.

UniKL Business School acknowledges the changing landscape; hence we are changing ourselves to suit our customers i.e. students.

We will offer:

  1. Modular courses, where students can focus intensively on a specific subject within a shorten time frame rather than spending 14 weeks learning.
  2. Classes in the evening and weekend class mode
  3. Blended learning with high applications of Virtual Learning Experience (VLE)
  4. Hands-on approach in teaching rather than merely theoretical, with more industrial partners setting up teaching factories at our campus.

We fix the roof when the sun is shining.
The competition is fierce and the work can go anywhere in the world.
If we are going to go on being an institution where companies grow, invest and want to take on new people, then we’ve got to make ourselves the best place in the world to do business.

That is why I’m encouraging the above, introducing more teaching factories, increase industrialisation training that will benefit our graduates, lecturers as well as industrial partners.

UniKL Business School is a proud institution that does, and in my view always should provide the best education for our students.
Hence, a better prospect for our graduates.
Controlling our own destiny.
Our business plan is for the long term.
And just as there are no short-cuts to the work you do here, there’s no short-cut to the sustainability of UniKL Business School.
Thanks to the hard work of the staff both services and academics, our performance is on the rise.
But what was hard won, can be easily lost.
So we have a choice in 2018.
We can give up, go back to square one, risk everything.
Or we can confront the hard truth that more difficult decisions are needed – and work through the plan that is turning UniKL Business School around.
I say: let’s finish the job.

Associate Professor Dr. Aimi Zulhazmi Abdul Rashid